In December of last year, I had the pleasure of chatting with Christopher Robbins of Ghana Think Tank about his collaborative practice (with John Ewing, Matey Odonkor, and Carmen Montoya), in which people in so-called “developed” nations submit their problems, which are then “solved” by think tanks in places like Iraq, Ecuador, and Ghana. The artists then do their best to carry out the solutions. This is not a practice for the socially anxious or the fearful — I found myself squirming at some of the situations they get themselves into. But recently, they have shifted, engaging in longer term practices dedicating to more lasting change around issues of social justice.

The lovely people at the Banff Center (which operates as a non-accredited space of higher education…a category created just for them) put together a great videocast of our conversation, with pretty dang high production values. Thanks, Banff Center.